The Best Sex Positions to Conceive a Baby

Sometimes pregnancy is a big surprise for a girl but many pairs conceive a baby willfully. Are there any tips or sex positions that can help you to conceive and get pregnant faster?

First of all I must say that sexual position is not the most important thing for conception a baby but right sex positions increase your chances to get pregnant faster.

The main idea when you select the best sex position for conception is to let gravity to help sperm moving to the egg.

bad position to conceive fasterWhen you want to get pregnant faster you should avoid such position as

  • Woman on top
  • Sitting
  • Staying

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Now letТs t find what are the best positions to conceive a baby.

  1. The missionary position
  2. When man on top. It gives the best chances to conceive a baby faster because of several reasons. And the main one is that missionary position is perfect for deep penetration during the sex and help sperm to reach the cervix inside the vagina. best position to conceive faster
  3. Rear entry - doggy
  4. When men enters the female from behind. This pose also allows the sperm to be placed closer to the cervix and it is good for conception as well.
  5. Lying side by side - spooning
  6. This position is relaxing and ideal for some pairs who overweight or have some troubles with back.

There is a recommendation for woman who wants to get pregnant faster to stay in bed for about 30 minutes.

Mom and Baby

It is great if woman can put a pillow under the hips and elevate them slightly for 15-20 minutes. This increases chance to conceive a baby faster.

But the most important thing is not the position. It is timing for conception. Woman can get pregnant only about 3 days around her ovulation.

There are a lot of ways that let to calculate when your ovulation occurs. You can use ovulation tests or try ovulation calculator.

And the simplest way is just having sex from 12 to 20 days of your cycle. This is the days when ovulation is most possible.

Some people say that woman orgasm is essential for conception but there is no science confirmation regarding that. In any case it will not hurt. What about man Ц he definitely should ejaculate.

And the last tip Ц relax and enjoy each other. Do not try just to make a baby Ц this does not help. Love your pair and you will succeed!