Predicting Baby Gender

Pregnancy is amazing and unforgettable period in life of every woman. Thoughts about the baby appear in future mother head every day and surely the sex of the baby is one of the most interesting questions. Some pregnant women juts feel and predict the gender of the baby with intuition why others have no idea if they have a boy or a girl till the birth day.

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Chinese baby gender prediction
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Is it possible to predict the gender of the baby and is it worth to do that?

Some pairs decide do not know the sex of the baby till the day he or she comes. Others are trying to predict baby gender from the first weeks of pregnancy. Below I will tell you the most interesting and easy ways to predict baby gender.

Fortunately we have only two options of baby gender boy or girl so determining baby gender is not very complicated task.

If you need really reliable solution you can determine baby gender with Ultra Sound revision. This is one of the easiest and frequently used medical methods. However it work only after 18-20 week of pregnancy and in case your baby shows something.

Another fun and simple way to predict baby gender is Chinese Birth Chart.

You can determine the gender of your baby right now. All you need is just mother’s age and month of conception.

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Using Chinese pregnancy calendar it is possible also to plan baby gender before the conception. The accuracy of this tool is about 95%.

You can try this right now absolutely free.

There are also many other’s solution how you can determine your baby gender.