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What is Ovulation?

Ovulation is the process in the middle of women menstrual cycle when the mature ovarian follicle ruptures and leaves an ovum. The time surrounding ovulation is called the ovulatory phase or the periovulatory period. Several days near ovulation is the fertile phase. Only at that time the conception is possible.

In average ovulation occurs at the fourteenth day of menstrual cycle (general twenty-eight day cycle). The day of ovulation can vary from the average. So ovulation can happen somewhere between the tenth and nineteenth day of womens cycle.

Why it is so Important to Know when Ovulation Happens?

It is significant to know the ovulation phase because only at this time fertilization is possible. Only just after ovulation spermatozoon can fertilize the egg. It is quite interesting that woman can conceive a baby only during several days a month (usual these are 3-4 days of periovulatory period). This is why many pairs cannot have a child just when they stop protecting from a pregnancy. In can you want to get pregnant fast you certainly need to study you menstrual cycle and know when ovulation occurs.

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Accuracy of ovulation determination

However, the length of womens menstrual cycle is not very reliable indicator of the day of ovulation. If you have a shorter cycle then you must have earlier ovulation and vice versa. If you have been trying to conceive for many months and still have no positive results then special ovulation tests will help you to get pregnant faster.

In any case please not lose heart and keep trying. You will definitely succeed!