Diet for Conceiving a Girl

I believe that a great amount of pregnant women dream about baby girl. But is it possible to predict or even plan your baby gender before conception?

There are many tips and tricks that can really increase your chances of having a girl. Below there are the most popular of them:

  • using Chinese Birth Gender Chart Ц ancient prediction based on motherТs age at conception and the month when you conceive a baby
  • ovulation calculator Ц you can conceive a baby a few days before the conception

  • special positions during baby making

  • diet to conceive baby girl.
  • There are also some others tips but today I would like to tell about food to eat to conceive a baby girl. It is incredible but eating special products can help you to conceive a baby.

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Foods to eat to conceive a girl

The diet theory for conceiving a girl is based on the idea that an acidic environment favors girls. The point is that cervical mucus usually change at the fertility period (a few days around the ovulation) from thick and acidic to thinner and more alkaline. Acid can kill sperm, alkaline cervical mucus helps sperm traverse the vagina and cervix to enter the uterus. Because girl sperm live longer than boys, they're deemed hardier and more likely to survive an acidic environment.

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This is a theory and what food to eat to have a girl?

Acidic diet for conceiving a baby include following products:

Citrus fruits, strawberries and raspberries, pasta, corn, blueberries

If you want to conceive a baby girl you should eat more products having plenty of calcium, such as cheeses, fish, green beans, cucumbers.

Of course you must avoid alcohol. This is very important and essential.

Of course when you planning a baby and want to get pregnant faster you should try to eat more natural food and avoid harmful habits like smoking, taking alcohol and others.

More fresh air, more fresh water, more fresh fruits and vegetables and you will success!