Chinese Pregnancy Calendar 2015

Having a baby is a real miracle in life of every pair. The gender of the baby. is one of the most emotional questions whether you are pregnant or just planning a baby. So many people are looking for some method to predict the baby gender. There are lots of different tools to determine baby gender.

There are numerous tests and old wives methods but I prefer using Chinese Birth Chart to predict baby gender.

This is easy in use and really wonderful Chinese pregnancy calendar that lets to predict baby gender on first weeks of pregnancy and even plan baby gender before the conception. This calculator is bases on motherТs age at the conception and conception month. It is fast and easy to determine the gender of your baby with Chinese pregnancy calendar 2015.

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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If you are pregnant and want to predict your baby gender you need to enter your birthday first. Please note Ц you need to select year, then chose a moth and after that click a day of your birthday. This data is very important for Chinese lunar pregnancy calendar so please be very attentive and careful.

After you entered the day of your (motherТs) birthday you need to select a month of conception. The results of Chinese birth gender chart depend on accuracy of all the data. Then just click calculate and you see whether you have a boy or a girl. Chinese pregnancy calendar 2015 is accurate and gives you 96% guarantee. However you must understand that some mistakes are possible if conception was at the end of one month or in the beginning of another and you could not determine this for sure. This is very important fact because you must realize that conception moment is not the same thing that the moment when you tried to conceive (I mean the act between you and your partner). It could happen from several minutes to several days after you did that.

Another interesting feature of Chinese pregnancy chart is that it helps to plan baby gender before getting pregnant. To determine the gender of your baby before pregnancy you need to enter your birthday in Chinese birth gender calculator and than just pick up in the box boy or girl. And in a few seconds you will have a result Ц the tool shows you during what month you can conceive a boy and when it is better to conceive a girl.

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Chinese pregnancy calendar 2015 is free and fun to use. Try it now and enjoy the results.