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Having a baby is the best happiness you can imagine. If you are planning a baby this article is just for you. Would you like to conceive a boy or a girl? Is it possible to plan baby gender? When it is better to conceive a baby? What is Chinese fertility calendar and how to use it to plan baby gender? Find the answers below.

Many pairs desire to conceive a boy while others would like to have a baby girl.

How to predict baby gender?

First of all I need to say a few words about baby gender. Females have XX chromosome while males have XY chromosome. Baby gender depends only on father’s chromosome (X or Y) which fertilize the egg. If it was sperm with X chromosome – this will be a girl, otherwise this must be a boy.

X and Y sperm have different properties. For example, Y spermatozoids (which are boys) are much faster but they can live only 48 hours. While X ones who are responsible for baby girl are slower but they can fertilize the egg during 6 days.

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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Another major thing you need to know is a fertility period. It lasts about 2-3 days around the ovulation. If you want to have a boy you need to have a sex 12hours before the ovulation. In such way Y sperm can reach the egg as fast as possible. If you do that several days before the ovulation then all the Y spermatozoids will die by the time the egg will be ready for insemination.

Another difference in boy and girls cells is in PH level. Y sperm requires is alkali, while X sperm needs more acid. That is why many scientists advise to follow special diets to conceive a boy or a girl depending on your wishes.

And finally we get Chinese fertility calendar. This is special ancient calculator which suggests you when it is the best time to conceive a boy or a girl. It is amazing but its accuracy is about 96%. This is even more that most of medical methods of baby gender selection can guarantee you.

Chinese fertility chart is based on mother’s age at the conception and the month when baby is conceived. If you would like to conceive a boy you just need to enter your birthday and select boy as a desired baby gender and Chinese pregnancy calendar will tell you during which months you can conceive a boy. The same thing is about having baby girl.

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Chinese birth chart is simple and fast way to plan baby gender before the conception and predict the sex of your baby if you are pregnant. Please note that there are some cases when this tool can be not very accurate. You can find more information on Chinese fertility chart page.