Chinese Birth Chart Boy or Girl

Are you planning a baby?

In this case Chinese birth chart is exactly what you need. When a pair decides to conceive a baby they often try to plan baby gender somehow. There are a lot of different ways to increase the chances to conceive baby boy or girl. Some of them are precise while the others are invented mostly for fun.

So how to predict baby gender with ancient Chinese birth gender predictions chart?

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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How to Predict Baby Gender

We are not sure how ancient Chinese created this chart but we know for sure that it works. The predictions are based on mother’s age at the conception and the month when you conceive or just going to conceive a child. All the figures should be Chinese – mother’s Chinese age at the conception and lunar month of conception. This point is often forgotten by many people who try to predict the sex of unborn baby with Chinese birth chart.

Because of this before using Chinese pregnancy calendar you need first to find out these Chinese figures. This might me quite difficult and because of this we made all the calculations for you. You can predict or plan baby gender with our Chinese Birth Chart in a few seconds. All you need is just to enter your day of birth and month of conception or a baby gender you wish to conceive (depending on your needs).

Mom and Baby

In any case Chinese pregnancy calendar increases your chances to conceive baby girl or boy on your choice.

But please note that even such a precise tool as Chinese birth gender chart could not guarantee you 100% result. People say that Chinese Birth Chart accuracy is about 95% that is much better than usual 50/50.

In addition you can use ovulation calculator to find out when it is the best day for conception. Remember that to conceive a boy you need to have sex a day before ovulation and if you wish to have a daughter you need to conceive a day after the ovulation.

Wishing you good luck and happy healthy family!