Chinese birth chart is a great instrument to predict your baby gender. It is very fast and easy. All you need is just enter your birthday. Please be to a proverb attentive because all the calculations of ancient Chinese babe gender chart depends on your birthday.

To enter your birthday please click on the box just after the inscription "Please enter your birthday". First you need to select correct Year of your birthday and then choose month and day. The year of your birthday is extremely important because Chinese pregnancy calendar provides information only for persons from 18 to 45 years old.

Then we have two options for you. If you are already pregnant and want to know your unborn baby gender then you need to select the month of conception and Chinese birth chart will predict your baby gender.

option is for those who just trying to conceive. You have a great opportunity to plan baby gender before your pregnancy and conceive baby boy or baby girl. All you need is select desire baby gender and click “Calculate” button. Wishing you success and please remembera then Chinese birth chart is precise but still not 100% guarantee.

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