33 Signs That You are Pregnant with a BOY

Every pregnant woman desire to know if she is having a boy or a girl. There are plenty of different ways how you can know your baby gender.

Below you can see some simple body signs which will help you to predict your baby gender.

So, You are having a boy if:

  1. Your face is getting longer and narrower.
  2. Your skin is clear and does not have any spots.face-have a boy
  3. Your hair is glossy and nice looking. It does not getting thinner and duller. You are pregnant with a boy.
  4. Pull your hair up from the back of your neck. If you can see some new hair growth in “V” shape – you are having a boy.
  5. If you are having a boy, your nose can change a shape and size: it can become bigger and wider. Don’t worry! It is temporary. Your nose will return to its former shape after your son is born.
  6. Study the white part of the eye under the iris. If there is the presence of a vein, either “V”, “Y”, or “U” shaped under the right eye it must be a boy. Also you are carrying a boy if you do not find any veins at all.
  7. Your friends say you look more beautiful and nice – you are having a boy!

  8. Your breast does not grow fast – you are pregnant with a boy.
  9. Your right breast is larger than the left one – it is a boy.preg_belly_cast
  10. Look at the shape of your belly. If it looks like a basketball and is all out the front – you will have a son.
  11. Your belly is tense and hard if you a pregnant with a boy.
  12. Your legs don’t swell or swelling only occurs in later stage of pregnancy then you will give birth to a baby boy.
  13. You notice acceleration in growth of hair on your legs.
  14. The skin on your hand became hard and cracked – it’s a boy!
  15. You will have a son if your nails grow faster and stronger.
  16. Your navel starts to protrude.

  17. You are having a boy if you have stretch marks on the left hand side of the tummy.
  18. The dark line that runs up from the pubic bone to the navel during pregnancy is called linea nigra. When this line goes far past the navel and reaches the rib cage, the baby is a boy.
  19. If there is another line above the navel, and the two lines meet at the navel.
  20. You don’t seem to be pregnant from behind.
  21. You see some whitish liquid from vagina.
  22. You have frequent headaches.
  23. You have cold feet during your pregnancy.
  24. Your sex drive becomes stronger.
  25. You crave salty or spicy or sour foods.
  26. You want to eat red meat.meat1_fe
  27. You are continually hungry during your pregnancy.
  28. You stay active and full of energy during your pregnancy.
  29. You don’t have morning sickness.
  30. You feel strong movement of your baby by the fourth month of pregnany.
  31. Your left wrist pulse feels more slippery and rapid then right.
  32. The color of nipple and areola shows on left breast is darker than that at the right side it’s a boy!
  33.  You prefect to sleep on your left side.


Also you can use Chinese Birth Chart to know you baby gender. Just enter your baby and the month of conception and you will see if this is a boy.

What is the best baby gender prediction test?


Expecting the baby almost every mom would like to find out if she is having a boy or a girl. Sure after 20 weeks of pregnancy it is possible to find out baby gender with medical ultrasonography. But are there any other solutions to predict your baby gender.

Recently we posted a funny video about 11 ways to find out if you are having a boy or a girl:

Today we will discuss the most popular baby gender prediction tests and their accuracy.

Gender Maker

Boy or Girl Baby Gender Prediction Test. Pregnancy Gender Predictor Test


  • GENDERmaker urine-based baby gender prediction test is easy to perform at the comfort of your home
  • Find out if you are having a Boy or a Girl as early as 6 week of your fetal development
  • Gender prediction test results in less than a minute
  • The test turns pink or blue to predict the gender of your baby. The color may vary. Please use the color chart included with your test.

This product can be used only once and there are no any scientific researches regarding it.

If you get pink – it’s a girl

If you get blue – it’s a boy.

However sometime people get purple! What does this mean?

This is very fun and fast baby gender test.

Reading product reviews on Amazon I found out that it is correct for about 50%.
But I can tell you with 50% accuracy that it is boy or girl!

Momma Bear

Gender Reveal Test Kit is perfect for discovering the sex of your baby and for your Reveal Party
SIMPLE TO USE urine test can be performed as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy. Provides Clear Results! Designed for easy home use by curious expectant mothers.

Proven to be 100% ACCURATE about half the time. 😉 It’s quick, easy to use, and easy to understand. The clear test tube makes it as easy to read as a baby monitor display. The color chart indicates boy or girl requiring no subjective interpretation. It’s natural – no drugs or invasive devices and procedures.

COMPREHENSIVE and PERSONAL. The most advanced way of testing and the safest non-invasive method that detects gender indicators.

Step 1. In the morning, collect your first urine in clean cup provided.

Step 2. Before opening the cap, carefully tap the test tube to settle the powder in the bottom of the tube.

Step 3. Use syringe to collect urine from cup.

Step 4. Use syringe fill urine to the line on the test tube.

Step 5. Securely replace the cap and shake for 10 seconds or until the powder is dissolved.

Step 6. Read results. Use the color chart to reveal the gender of your baby.

Moms from around the world have enjoyed finding the gender of their growing baby with Baby Reveal Test Kit.

While our results have proven highly accurate, we recommend that you wait until your baby is born to paint the nursery, or making other financial or emotional investments.

However we can see lots of unhappy customers 🙁

Step 1. In the morning, collect your first urine in clean cup provided.

Step 2. Before opening the cap, carefully tap the test tube to settle the powder in the bottom of the tube.

Step 3. Use syringe to collect urine from cup.

Step 4. Use syringe fill urine to the line on the test tube.

Step 5. Securely replace the cap and shake for 10 seconds or until the powder is dissolved.

Step 6. Read results. Use the color chart to reveal the gender of your baby.

Moms from around the world have enjoyed finding the gender of their growing baby with Baby Reveal Test Kit.

While our results have proven highly accurate, we recommend that you wait until your baby is born to paint the nursery, or making other financial or emotional investments.

However we can see lots of unhappy customers.

Gender Prediction kit

AS EARLY AS 5 WEEKS – Get results only a few weeks after finding out you are pregnant
FUN AND FAST RESULTS – Follow the simple steps and celebrate the results super fast. Way more fun than a quiz and is a great Baby Shower Gift!

PERFECT GIFT FOR GENDER REVEAL PARTY – The is the perfect gift and game for a baby reveal party. Your friends will love it!

SAFE AND NON-TOXIC – Uses natural ingredients that will not harm you or your baby. This is not the drano test.

100% RISK FREE – Even though there is not a single gender test on this earth that is 100% accurate, we do guarantee your satisfaction.
See more product details

It is fun and easy in use but it is wrong in most cases 🙁

We will continue reviewing others amazon products and find out the best tool to predict baby gender.

Also you can determine your baby gender from first weeks of your pregnancy with Chinese Birth Gender Chart. It is free and much more accurate than previous tests.

Ovulation Calculator

It is highly important to determine your ovulation correctly in case you are trying to conceive or plan baby gender.
The best time to conceive is between 24 before and 12 hours after your ovulation.
The ovulation usually orrus in the middle of your cycle – 14 days before your next period.

But the most reliable solution to find out your ovulation is using special Ovulation tests:

Get pregnant with a boy simple tips

Baby gender selection is complicated and interesting topic. Many pairs would like to conceive a son. So is it possible to get pregnant with baby boy.

There are many different methods available today: from medical and very expensive to easy home solutions.

Chinese Birth Chart

First you can try ancient chinese birth chart that lets to plan baby gender based on mother’s age and conception month. It is simple in use and quite accurate.



Shettles method

The Shettles Method is a child conception idea that is reputed to help determine a baby’s sex.

According to the Shettles theory, male (Y) sperm are faster but more fragile than female (X) sperm. Further, acidic environments harm Y sperm, according to the theory, making conception of a girl more likely.

When it is the best time?

To have a boy, insemination should occur as close as possible to the moment of ovulation so that the faster, Y-sperm arrive first and achieve conception, according to the theory. When seeking a girl, the couple should have sex 2½ to 3 days before ovulation.

It is very important to determine ovulation correctly. The most easy way is to use ovulation test for this:

Sex positions to conceive a boy

Shallow penetration coupled with the sperm deposited close to the entrance favors female conception because the area is more acidic, which inhibits the weaker Y sperm, according to the theory. To allow the Y sperm, which supposedly moves faster, to reach the egg first, use deeper penetration to deposit the sperm at the least acidic area near the uterus opening.

Boyish Diet

According to this theory, your daily “boy producing” menu should be packed with plenty of salty foods, red meats, eggs, peas, raisins, zucchini, mushrooms, beans, sweet corn, bread, and fish. This diet also recommends you avoid acidic foods in quest of a more alkaline (less acidic) environment for the boy-bearing sperm to thrive. (An alkalizing diet, in fact, doesn’t necessarily shun acidic foods. For more, read The pH Diet and Your Fertility.) As with all the other advice dished out in this article, you should take this suggestion with a grain of salt … and an extra dash or two if you’re trying for a boy.

Also, a recent study suggests that maintaining higher levels of glucose—which means sustaining a high intake of food throughout the day—will increase your chances of having a little boy. Consume a wide range of nutrients such as potassium, calcium, and vitamins C, E, and B12. Breakfast, is particularly important, so never skip!

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are among the best natural sources of vitamin C, so if you’re trying to learn how to make a baby boy by relying only on a specific diet and without paying for expensive medical treatments, you can start by incorporating more fruits that contain high amounts of this vitamin in your daily diet.

Incorrectly classified as acidic, lemons and other fruits containing vitamin C are very alkalizing to the body, favoring the conception of baby boys. Grapefruits, limes and other fruits that are rich in this vitamin should be eaten more often by those trying to conceive boys. These fruits can be served either raw or in juices, but if you opt for fruit juices, make sure to prepare these at home and avoid commercial ones, as these can alter your internal environment’s pH.


Among the best foods to eat to conceive a boy are bananas, which are known to have a very high content of minerals and vitamins. From all the minerals contained by these fruits, the most important ones when it comes to determining the baby’s gender is potassium, proven to favor the survival of male sperm.

So if you’re among those woman trying to find out how to get pregnant with a boy, you can start by eating more bananas. Besides providing high amounts of potassium, these fruits are also very nourishing and quite poor in calories if we compare them to other snacks and deserts.

Salty Snacks

According to Van de Carr, author of Prenatal Classroom: A Parent’s Guide for Teaching Your Baby in the Womb, eating a diet rich in salt is just as likely to increase the chances of having a boy as eating foods rich in potassium. Table salt, sausages, ham, crackers, eggs, canned soups and seafood are good choices for those looking for solutions to how to conceive a boy naturally.

However, one should take into consideration the fact that eating too much salt isn’t healthy in the long run and can be harmful especially during pregnancy, as salt increase fluid retention inside the woman’s body, alters blood pressure or can lead to other unpleasant conditions.

Breakfast Cereals

Although eating breakfast cereals doesn’t seem very mannish, studies have proven that these products are very efficient in increasing the chances of getting pregnant with a baby boy. According to a study published in the Journal of Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, subjects who consumed more breakfast cereals had more boy births.

Explanation is simple: women who eat more cereals usually have a higher intake of minerals and vitamins as these are enriched with nutrients and they also have a higher intake of calories. It’s proven that a nutrient-rich environment is more likely to support the male sperm and to lead to the conception of a baby boy, so incorporating breakfast cereals in your diet is a good strategy for determining the baby’s gender.

Rich In Glucose

High glucose levels are usually the sign of a diet that’s rich in calories and of an environment that has all the needed nutrients for supporting the normal development of a baby. As previously said, more caloric diets favor the conception of baby boys.

Moreover, according to some studies, a rich in glucose environment seems to have a direct effect on the baby’s gender, the higher the glucose level, the higher the likelihood of conceiving a male baby. Still, one should not try to increase the intake of sweets and sugars just to ensure higher levels of blood glucose, as this can also increase the risk of gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

Diet Rich In Mushrooms

Next on the list of useful foods for those trying to get pregnant with a baby boy are mushrooms, an excellent source of minerals and vitamins such as potassium, selenium, vitamin D and vitamins in the B family.

As previously said, these nutrients – especially vitamin D and potassium – are known to increase the chances of getting pregnant with a male baby, so mushrooms should be incorporated in your daily or weekly menu if you’re trying to conceive a boy.

Products Rich In Zinc

Besides potassium and sodium, another important mineral for increasing the chances of conceiving a baby boy is zinc, which is found in foods like oysters, liver, beef, pumpkins, squash, wheat germs, lamb, watermelon and cocoa powder. According to a study taken by the nutritionist Bridget Swinney, this mineral not only strengthens male sperm but also boosts testosterone levels, so it increase the sperm count.

Boxers or Briefs?

Sperm are stored “outside” the body for a reason. They can’t tolerate excessive heat and the testicles’ independent structure and considerable surface area keep them safe from the elevated core temperatures inside the body. Some people claim that Y-chromosome sperm (boys) are even less tolerant of heat than X-chromosome sperm. So, if you’re trying for a boy, ask your mate to wear boxers for a while. This will keep things cool and give his “boys” some breathing room.

A cool bath or an ice pack to the scrotum would take matters further, but it’s probably a rare male who would be that keen on producing a son.

Most Popular Ways to Plan Baby Gender


To this date, many loving couples still love to choose the gender of their baby. Some of them ask advice from fertility specialists, while others try some folklore methods. So far, there are no scientific proof that you can really choose a boy or a girl. Nevertheless, below are some of the most popular ways to plan baby gender that would-be parents can try.

Shettles method

The Shettles method is notably the most well-known strategy in choosing a baby’s sex. Developed in the 1960s by Landrum B. Shettles, who released hi book ‘How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby’ in 1971. Here, couples who prefer a baby boy are advised to have sex as near as possible to ovulation. The idea is that the short-lived male sperm moves faster than female sperm. To have a baby girl, the sexual intercourse should be done two to four days before ovulation. Reports say this method is 75% effective for boys and 80% for girls.


Whelan method

Interestingly, the Whelan method is partly the opposite of the Shettles method. This gender selection strategy was developed by Elizabeth Whelan, Sc.D., who published the book, ‘Boy or Girl: You Can Pick the Sex of Your Child’ in 1977. According to Whelan, the male sperm lives longer than female sperm. It is therefore believed that having sex four to six days before ovulation will most likely result to a baby boy, while two to three days before ovulation to conceive a baby girl. However, there is no data showing how effective this technique is.


MicroSort technology

MicroSort is a scientific process of increasing the chances of conceiving the desired baby gender. Here, the X-chromosome (sperm cells that would result to a girl) and Y-chromosome (sperm cells that would result to a boy) are being separated using laser light, and are being joined again through a procedure called vitro fertilization (IVF). Although there is no guarantee that this will work, reports said that it is approximately 93% effective for baby girl and 82% effective for baby boy. However, this process is quite expensive and has strict requirements.

PGD technology

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is another popular scientific method of baby gender selection. Here, vitro fertilization (IVF) is also being performed. However, the sex of the embryos is being inspected (also called genetic profiling) before returning them inside the uterus. This technology is being applied after the fertilization process, and is considered safe for the development of the baby. Although this technology is believed to be most accurate way for gender selection, some couples use the combined process of both MicroSort and PGD.

Chinese Birth Gender Chart

Plan Baby gender

For the traditional way of choosing a baby gender, many old folks suggest that it depends on the sexual position, which gender hits orgasm first, and depending on the food the woman eats. In China, there is a so-called gender chart (or pregnancy calendar) wherein the sex of the baby is being predicted according to the age of the mother and the month when the baby will be born. But whichever method you wish to use, make sure it’s safe for the mother and the baby.

The best tools to predict baby gender

The are really a great number of tools today that let to predict your baby gender. From on-line tests and calculators to serious medical solution.
Below you can find the best methods to predict baby gender found on Amazon.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy


Many couples try different methods if they want to choose the gender of their baby. But for some of them, choosing a particular baby gender somehow becomes necessary to prevent a genetic disease. In some cases, when a child passed away, the parents prefer their next baby to have the same gender. On the other hand, some parents do it for ‘family balancing’ purposes or choose one gender because the other one is already dominant in the family.

With all the gender selection methods available, there are detailed processes that you can try. Below are some of them if you want to conceive a baby boy. Some of these procedures can be done without consulting a doctor. Note however that there is no guarantee that they will work for you, although some of them have approximate effectiveness rates based on reported data. Let’s start first with the scientific ones then the natural method.

Scientific methods:

MicroSort procedure

By using MicroSort procedure, the sperm is separated based on their genetic material and are combined again via vitro fertilization (IVF) to increase the chances of having the desired baby gender. If you want have a baby boy, the amount of the boy-producing sperm is higher than the amount of the girl-producing sperm. Based on data, MicroSort is 82% effective for boys.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

PGD (Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis) is another scientific method of sex selection. This process also involves vitro fertilization (IVF) where the mother’s eggs are being fertilized with the father’s sperm. Therefore, there are also more boy-producing sperm being inserted inside the mother than the girl-producing sperm. However, both procedures are pretty expensive.


Natural methods:

Based on the theory of Landrum B. Shettles, a pioneer in vitro fertilization (IVF), the male sperm moves faster than female sperm. In his book titled ‘How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby,’ he mentioned that the gender of the baby depends on when the sexual intercourse is done. According to his theory, a baby boy is likely to be conceived if couples have sex close before the ovulation cycle of a woman, or around 12 to 14 days before the monthly period.

However, this is somehow the opposite of the theory of Elizabeth Whelan. In her book titled ‘Boy or Girl: You Can Pick the Sex of Your Child,’ she noted that female sperm is faster than the male sperm. So if a couple wants to have a baby boy, they are advised to have sex four to six days before ovulation. But unlike the Shettles method which has an approximate effectiveness rate of 75% for boys and 80% for girls, the Whelan method has no data.

img-thing (1)

Apparently, there are other natural methods to try if you want to have a baby boy. Although there are no scientific proof, there’s no harm in trying them. Among them include increasing the male sperm count, deep penetration while having sex, woman reaching orgasm first than the man, and using the Chinese gender chart or so-called pregnancy calendar as guide.

Plan Baby gender