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Children are our happiness and when a baby is born every mother feels something incredible. In most cases baby gender does not matter. More important is to give a birth to healthy baby. But for some pairs baby gender is essential. So some families try to plan it before pregnancy. In some cases it works in others not.

But I am sure that better part of pregnant woman and sometimes future father want to predict baby gender before it is born.

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How is it possible to predict baby gender when it is still in mothers body?

There are many ways of baby gender prediction. Some of them are medical and quite accurate; others are funny and may be unfaithful.

Below you can find the most popular ways of baby gender prediction.

1. Ultra sound review.

This method of baby gender prediction is really accurate is on later stages of pregnancy but it could hardly tell you something about your baby gender on the early weeks of pregnancy. Besides that some people suppose that Ultra sound can be dangerous for a baby although there are no medical confirmation of this fact.

2. Chinese birth chart

Ancient baby gender prediction chart is based on mothers age at conception is month when a baby was conceived. They say that its accuracy is about 96% but I would not be so confident in this figure. However Chinese lunar calendar (this is how this gender predictor is also called) is very easy way to predict the sex of your future baby. All you need is just enter mothers age at conception and a month of conception and you will get a result will you have boy or girl.

Mom and Baby

First I thought it is a joke or just funny entertainment but then I checked it with my son it told true! I test it on my relatives and it worked great as well! I do not know what the trick with it but ancient Chinese people who created it definitely know something! Baby gender prediction chart are correct in most cases. However as I suppose it can miscalculate if the conception was around mothers birthday in that case it is difficult to tell mothers age at conception for sure. Also some errors are possible when conception was either at and of one month or at the beginning of another. In that case you cannot determine conception month for sure. And also I have no idea how it works for twins.

3. Blood theory.

It is based on the theory of men's and woman's blood updating depending on date of their birth. And if fathers blood is younger you will have a boy otherwise a baby girl will be born.

There are some others ways to predict baby gender but they are not so popular probable because of mistakes.