Ovulation Calculator to Conceive a Boy

An ovulation calculator usually helps women who are trying to conceive in determining when their most fertile time so that they can increase their chances in getting pregnant.

The days around the time of ovulation are days when you are able to become pregnant. Ovulation calculators give individual estimates of a woman's fertile days. These estimates are based on when ovulation is most likely to occur in the average woman's menstrual cycle.

In ovulation calculator all the figuring are done for you, just enter the first menstrual cycle and last menstrual cycle. Also your average lengths of your menstrual cycles are required, but in case youre not sure most calendars suggest entering 28 days, considering it as the typical cycle length. But somehow problem may occur for not all women has 28 days cycle and some women ovulate either earlier or later in their cycles.

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An ovulation calculator takes the typical cycle length (28 days) and subtracts the typical length of a luteal phase (10-14 days). Providing the needed information the calendar will now give data on when you maybe ovulating for the upcoming month.

Combining with other methods of monitoring your cycle ovulation calculator are best to be use. Make it as a rough estimate of your fertile days, and use cervical fluid, basal body temperature, or cervical position to confirm ovulation. In the event that your fertile days are over dont stop having sexual intercourse just because an ovulation calculator tell so. As long your period comes in or at least youve confirmed ovulation the chance of conceiving is possible.

If you want to conceive boy, aside from ovulation calculator techniques there are other things that you must address in trying to have it.

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It is vitally important that you time your conception right. There are some factors that can help to optimize the weak sperms odds. Use sexual intercourse penetration that will able the boy sperm to travel less. You can also try to lower your acidity and PH, because a high vaginal PH is not in favor to male sperm. There are also food lists and douche recipes to take the mystery of it. The bottom line of this is that each womans body is different. The real answer is that hit the timing right, get the position perfectly and have the environment right so all variables you try will work out.