Determining Baby Gender

Sooner or later every woman wants to have a baby. And when you are waiting for baby one of the most frequent questions is determining baby gender. Some pairs wish to plan baby gender before the conception while others do not want to know the sex of the baby till the birth. Is it possible to plan baby gender and how to determine your baby gender?

There are many different ways to predict baby gender. Some of them are fun and rather guessing while others are based on medical researches and give quite accurate results.

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Fortunately we have only two options of baby gender boy or girl so determining baby gender is not very complicated task.

Among most popular medical methods of baby gender prediction I can mention

  • Ultrasound
    when doctor make an ultrasound revision of pregnant woman. This method works really well on the second part or pregnancy when it is possible to see if it is a boy or a girl. However some mistakes are possible and the result depends on professionalism of your doctor
  • Sperm sorting
    This is an artificial way of determining baby gender. Surely you cannot do this at home because you need to sort X chromosome X and Y.

The following ways to determine baby gender are easy and every woman can try to plan or determine baby gender by herself.

  1. Diet to conceive baby boy or baby girlr.
    There are special recommendations for your diet before the pregnancy that increase your chances to conceive baby girl or baby boy. Of course this does not work when you are already pregnant.
  2. Positions for conception.
    Depending of the position you are making a baby you can improve the possibility of conceiving a girl or a boy. And this is also a tip for those who are trying to conceive and not for a pregnant.
Mom and Baby
  • Ovulation calculator.
  • To conceive a boy you need to have sex 12-24 hours before ovulation and for a baby you need to conceive 12 hours after the ovulation. To determine your ovulation you can use ovulation calculator or special ovulation tests.
  • Chinese baby gender chart.
    This is easy and accurate ancient calendar for determining baby gender. It is based on mother’s age at the conception and a month when a baby is conceived.
  • There are some others tips to predict your baby gender but they are not so accurate.

    I believe that the most important thing is to have a healthy baby and the sex of the baby is the second question.