Conceive Baby Boy

Having a baby is a big happiness for every woman. Some of the families conceive a baby by accident while others preparing for this important step very careful. Future parents try to follow healthy way of life, eat natural food, and do special exercises. Of course they think about the gender of future baby. Some pairs desire to conceive a baby boy.

Men often want to have a boy to prolong or keep family business. Women as usual want to have a baby girl. But the most frequent, there is no difference for future mom whom she will have, girl or boy - in any case it will be her lovely baby.

Conceive Baby Boy
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How To Use Chinese Birth Chart to conceive a boy?

If you want to conceive baby boy you need some instrument to predict baby gender before the conception. One of the best ways to select a gender of your unborn baby is Chinese pregnancy calendar. Chinese birth gender chart will help you to plan your baby gender even before your pregnancy.

Chinese lunar pregnancy calendar is a wonderful ancient birth chart that let you to predict baby gender using the mother's age at the conception and the month when the baby is conceived.

In case you wish to have a baby boy for sure you can plan your pregnancy. With the help of Chinese birth gender chart you can find out when are the best months to conceive baby boy.

It is interestingly how does Chinese gender prediction calendar works but it really works.

So if your family desire to conceive a baby boy you can use our Chinese birth gender chart for this. All you need is just to enter your birthday and select "Boy" as a desire baby gender. Gender Prediction Calendar will tell you when (during what months) you can conceive baby boy.

Mom and Baby

Chinese birth chart is reliable and precise instrument to plan baby gender and conceive baby boy with high probability.

However you need to remember that tree or five from hundred pairs conceive baby girl instead of boy using only Chinese gender prediction calendar.

To increase your chances to conceive baby boy you can follow the next tips:

  • You can conceive a boy if you have sex just before ovulation (it is much better if you have not sex 4-5 days before)
  • Eat meat and salt and caffeine when you plan your pregnancy
  • Use "doggy" position during the conception.

Your goal is to help Y-spermatozoids (boys chromosomes) achieve egg cell as soon as possible.

In any case we wish you a good luck in planning your baby gender and we are sure you will love your baby without reference to its gender.