Chinese Pregnancy Chart

Chinese pregnancy chart is a special tool to predict and plan baby gender. Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy. calculations are built on mother's age at the conception moment and conception month. It is easy and fast to use Chinese gender prediction calendar. For many mothers it made quick and correct predictions of baby gender.

Pregnancy is a wonderful and at the same time very tense time for every woman. Future mom should care not only about herself but also about her baby.

Chinese Pregnancy Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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Chinese Pregnancy Chart Predictions

If you are already impregnated you surely could not influence your baby gender. But you can predict it on the first weeks of your pregnancy already.

You can ask how it is possible?

It is nothing to it with Chinese pregnancy chart. You only need to remember your birthday, or a birthday of your wife if you are future father (we believe this is not a poser for you). After that you need to enter the day of your birthday in our automotive Chinese birth chart.

The second step is also very simple - you must select a month of conception. But please take a note that if the data you entered are incorrect or inaccurate you can get unfaithful results from Chinese pregnancy chart. When you typed all the data need you can press Predict button and Chinese birth gender chart tell you a result in a moment.

For those who decide to have a baby and just trying to conceive Chinese pregnancy chart can suggest when it is the best time to conceive baby boy or baby girl.

Mom and Baby

You do not need any special high expensive methods to plan baby gender. Use Chinese pregnancy chart to increase your chances to conceive baby girl.

To get a forecast you need to enter mother's birthday in our Chinese birth chart as in previous case and select desire baby gender. In a few seconds you will have a result - the list of months when you can conceive baby girl or boy subject to what sex you selected.

Regardless the results you have to remember that Chinese pregnancy chart could not guarantee you 100% result. You can improve your chances if you use the other ways of baby gender prediction, such as ovulation calendar, special diets for future mom, etc.

And finally we want to add that independently from the gender you will love you baby and we wish your family have healthy and smart babies.