Chinese Pregnancy Calendar

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is an ancient chart that helps women to predict or even plan baby gender before its birth. This is great and powerful instrument and many people all over the world have already used Chinese birth gender chart successfully.

How does Chinese Pregnancy calendar works?

The gender chart calculations are based on woman’s age at the conception and strictly speaking conception month. The results of Chinese Pregnancy Chart are fantastic. People say that it gives you more than 93% accuracy. This is really fine conclusion especially when usual we have only 50% guarantee.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar
Chinese baby gender prediction
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When Chinese pregnancy calendar can be inaccurate?

However, some women complain that Chinese pregnancy calendar was incorrect and they could not predict baby gender. We can explain this unpleasant occurrence by several reasons.

The first one is that you have not enough luck and you appear among those 5 or 7 pairs from one hundred who can make a mistake with Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar. In this case we can only compassionate and give you a tip do not turn upset and try again. (By the way, some families try again and again and never lose their hope and of course, finally that achieve the goal.)

The second explanation of a failure is some mistake they made using this calendar. For example, if you take incorrect age then you will highly possible made a error in your gender prediction.

Another cause of inaccuracy is a wrong conception month. Only a few pairs can tell you with confidence when do they conceive a baby? Overwhelming majority of women do not even suspect they are pregnant till the menstruation delay. Although some attentive and sensitive ladies guess they are pregnant already from the first days of their pregnancy.


Baby Gender Prediction with Chinese pregnancy calendar

Mom and Baby Also using Chinese pregnancy calendar to predict baby gender please pay attention then if the conception month and month when you have a birthday match than Chinese birth chart might be inaccurate because before your birthday you have one age and all the predictions are made for this age and just after your birthday you are one year older so all the computation will be absolutely different.

So if you want to conceive baby boy for sure and you have a choice when to conceive then we would not recommend you to do this at your birthday.

We describe all the hidden pitfalls of this baby gender predictor and you might think that it is too hard to use it correctly.

Great news for you!!!

We can made all the calculations for you and to predict your baby gender you need only provide us with your birthday and conception month.