Chinese Lunar Calendar Pregnancy

Planning a family many pairs think about baby gender. How to conceive baby boy or what to do if you want to have baby girl? The fastest way to predict baby gender is Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy. Before using this almost magic ancient Chinese birth chart to plan a sex of your baby you need to know why some pairs conceive a girl while others have baby boy.

Baby gender depends on father's chromosome. Dad has X-chromosome and Y-chromosome, while mother has XX chromosomes. If Y-chromosome fertilized ovum then you will have a boy otherwise a girl will be born. So the gender of the baby depends on father's chromosome.

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How Chinese Lunar Calendar Pregnancy works

It might looks strange but Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy can predict baby gander based on mother's age at the conception and lunar month of conception. It is very easy to use our Chinese birth chart.

First you need enter your birthday. If you are already impregnated please enter your conception month. In case you are only trying to conceive then you only must enter desire baby gender. In a moment Chinese pregnancy calendar will give you a result. For pregnant women the chart will tell you who you will have. For those who wish to have a baby Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy will suggest when it is the vest time to conceive a girl or a boy depending on your choice.

Besides Chinese birth gender chart you can also increase your chances to predict or plan baby gender if you consider mother's ovulation at the conception process. You can conceive a boy if you have sex just before or at the day of your ovulation (because Y-chromosomes, that respond baby boy are faster but they leave less then X-chromosomes which correspond a girl. During the next several days you can conceive baby girl. The last are very slow but they can fertilize egg even 2-3 days after you had sex.)

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Other Ways to Predict Your Baby Gender

In addition to that ancient Chinese pregnancy chart you can apply a diet system to plan your baby gender. If you want to have a boy then mother need to eat vegetables, cheese, potato, mushrooms, peas, a lot of salt, different exotic fruits, yeast, products rich in potassium. For those who wish to have a girl, future mom should include in her ration a lot of calcium, eat milk products, honey, apples, raspberry, strawberry.

Thus, there are many others different ways to plan your baby gender before the conception apart from Chinese gender prediction calendar but if you are already pregnant there are not so many methods to know who you will have and one of the fastest, easiest and cheapest is Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy.

Check yourself right now how does Chinese birth chart work. It will take you a few seconds and can give you wonderful results.