Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar

Blue or pink? Boy or girl?

This is probable the most interesting question for future parents. You will hardly ever find an impregnate woman who does not want to know her baby gender.

Everybody know such a gender prediction method as ultrasound but only few people heard about Chinese gender prediction calendar. This ancient Chinese birth chart was invented hundreds of years ago and since then thousands of future moms detected their unborn baby gender on the first weeks of their pregnancy while ultrasound can give you a result only after 15th-18th week of your gravidity. Beside that Chinese pregnancy calendar can help you not only to predict baby gender but also to select and plan your baby gender before the conception and conceive baby girl or baby boy on your choice.

Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar
Chinese baby gender prediction
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Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar in Use

Chinese gender prediction calendar calculations are based on mother's age at the conception and conception month. So if you are pregnant for only several weeks but intend to get known your baby gender now you can predict the sex of your baby in a few seconds with a great Chinese birth chart.

Also in case you are planning a baby and want to have a baby boy or a girl for sure but you do not have enough money for artificial insemination you can use such an easy and fast way of baby gender prediction as Chinese birth gender chart.

Do not hesitate and plan your pregnancy right now!

All you need is just to enter your birthday ad conception month. Chinese gender prediction calendar will tell you in a moment whether you have baby boy or girl.

For those who just trying to conceive we have a perfect chance to plan baby gender. Simply enter your birthday and wishful sex of the baby. Chinese pregnancy chart will suggest you when it is the best time for you to conceive baby boy or girl depending on baby gender you selected.

Mom and Baby

Although Chinese lunar calendar pregnancy is very strict, there are several percents of possible mistakes.

Chinese gender prediction chart can predict baby gender incorrectly in one of the next cases:

  • You enter wrong birthday
  • The conception month you entered was amiss
  • The conception was just before or just after your birthday
  • You conceived at the edge of months (at the end of one month or at the beginning of another) This is because you cannot determine exactly when the conception was - it could be from several hours up to several days since you have sex.
  • Chinese Gender Prediction Calendar could not give you 100% guarantee. Its exactness is about 95% what is much better than usual 50% we have to predict baby gender.
  • Do not postpone this important prediction and use chinese birth chart today!