Chinese Birth Gender Chart

Baby gender is a big question for every expectant woman. Future parents want to predict baby gender and if you ever plan your pregnancy, surely you won't lose an opportunity to plan your baby gender.

We have excellent news for you! There is absolutely fantastic tool to predict the sex of your child - Chinese birth gender chart. Invented more than seven hundred years ago by ancient Chinese sages, Chinese birth gender chart gives us a great chance to predict baby gender before its birth and actually chose baby gender before the conception. Chinese pregnancy chart calculations are based on mother's age at the conception and conception time, specifically, conception month.

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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How to Use Chinese Birth Gender Chart

This special Chinese birth chart needs Chinese age and Chinese lunar month. So it could be quite difficult for you to recalculate your Gregorian western age to the Chinese one. Also some mistakes can be done in the lunar month determination.

To save your time and to avoid possible errors we created special program that automates Chinese birth gender chart calculations.

It is very easy and fast to predict your baby gender.

If you are pregnant and want to know your baby gender, all you need is just enter your birthday and the conception month. It will take only a moment to predict your baby gender with Chinese birth chart.

In case you are only planning to have a baby and trying to conceive now, you have a brilliant opportunity to plan your baby gender by yourself with the help of Chinese pregnancy calendar.

For this you simple need to select your birthday from the calendar and chose desire baby gender. Our Chinese birth gender chart calculator will tell you during what months you can conceive baby boy or have baby girl with high possibility.

Mom and Baby

There are several extremely important things you need to remember using ancient Chinese birth chart:

  • Chinese birth gender chat gives you 95% guarantee.
  • The mistake is baby gender prediction is possible if you conceived several days before or just after your birthday. In such a situation your age at the conception moment can be defined incorrect and because of this all the further calculations will be a mistake.
  • Also some inaccuracy is probable of the conception was at the end of one month or in the beginning of another.

However, despite some inconveniences and possible imprecision Chinese birth gender chart is a high-power and strict instrument to predict your baby gender.

Do not postpone and predict your baby gender right now!