Chinese Birth Chart

Chinese Birth Chart is an ancient gender prediction calendar which has been used for many years to predict a gender of unborn baby.

Chinese pregnancy calendar, that is how the chart is called also, was invented near Beijing about 700 years ago. They say that the accuracy of Chinese baby gender chart is more than 90%. Ancient Chinese people were really clever and knew human health greatly. So we suppose that we can trust this gender chart and rely on its baby gender prediction.

The gender chart calculation is based on mother's age at conception and conception month. As soon as we are using Chinese pregnancy calendar we should operate Chinese lunar age of mother and lunar months. It is not difficult to calculate your lunar age. But you need to be very accurate because your baby gender depends on your calculations. Also is it serious to know the month of conception since without it all the calculations will be incorrect.

Chinese Birth Chart
Chinese baby gender prediction
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Chinese Birth Chart Accuracy

Although Chinese birth chart is very accurate and precise, it could not give you 100% guarantee. Besides, you must use ancient birth gender chart carefully and attentively. The point is that it is very important to calculate your age correctly because for different ages you may have absolutely different results.

In addition, if you conceived or only going to conceive in a month when you have birthday you can made a mistake because in such case one day can increase your age and change all the calculations of baby gender predictor. Of course, this is related only to those who want to be absolutely precisely in baby's gender and conceive baby girl for sure.

Mom and Baby

On one hand is it great to predict baby gender and conceive a baby boy, for example, with such a wonderful instrument as Chinese pregnancy chart but on the other hand we lost the surprise of birth.

Centrality, knowing the sex of your unborn baby you can select baby name and buy cot and pram, and all those beautiful baby wear. However, many people believe that it might be not good to buy baby's products therefore but every mother wants to be prepared for a baby.

And that is why finally the benefits of using Chinese birth chart became obviously. So do not hesitate, we made all the calculations for you.